“Hua Law Group, PLLC was referred to my husband and me through a mutual friend who highly recommended him. He helped us set up our new LLC with great ease and in a timely fashion. Since we are newbies to all of this, he took his time to explain everything in great detail and was extremely patient when listening to our business needs and questions. He was very professional, but personable, responsive to emails, reasonable priced and accommodating. We will definitely continue using his services for our future business needs.”

~ Gerrod and Kristin Jones – Barbershop


“Mr. Hua was very efficient to help me form a PLLC. He took care of all the paperwork necessary and all I had to do was think of a business name. It was my first time running a business, so I had no previous knowledge of how a company works. He was very accommodating and informed of me of all the different options I had available, and he helped me choose the best one for my business. Thank you yourtexasllc.com!”

~ LeVue Eyecare, PLLC


“YourTexasLLC.com provides fast, quality, and, most importantly, affordable service to aspiring business owners. Mr. Hua definitely cares about helping others in getting the ball rolling on starting their business by making the whole process as smooth and as painless as possible. He offers affordable pricing and options, whereas most places charge considerably more. He understands that starting a new business can be daunting for some people and, therefore, is willing to help walk you through this process. He is responsive to any questions and concerns you might have as well. I am not “business minded” at all but he helped me understand all aspects of starting my own business and undeniably helped ease my anxiety about doing so. I wouldn’t have been able to have launched my career in private practice without his help.”

~ Cultivation Counseling, PLLC


“Hua Law Group, PLLC is the only firm I go to for handling for both our simple and complex corporate structures. Unlike many other firms and services, it’s not about checking the boxes and having an entity, but rather planning long term for both legal liability and tax responsibilities. Thaison is experienced and helps guide us through uncharted waters when we most need it, and his/their expertise is worth every penny. You won’t find a better law firm/lawyer for the immense value you get anywhere else. If you’re serious about starting a business, you’ve found the right person/law firm.”

~ Limitless Blockchain Technology, LLC


“I used yourtexasllc.com to start my IT Consulting Company. The initial consultation alone was worth the while and the money. Mr. Hua was very attentive and very knowledgeable in the laws surrounding opening a business under an LLC in Texas, and he also provided all of the pros and cons. With his help I was able to successfully open an LLC for my business quickly. A major plus for me was how attentive he was to his customers. He was always there when I had a question. I would definitely 100% recommend!”

~ Kodex Consulting, LLC


“I am extremely lucky that I found Hua Law Group, PLLC! I have been handling my business the wrong way for a while until he came along. He helped me create my LLCs and that was just the start of it. He was thorough and very informative when explaining all of this to me since it was my first. I had so many questions and he was so patient with me. Thaison is my go to guy and I couldn’t be more pleased.”

~ Springwood Holdings, LLC (Georgia Entity)


“We would like to thank yourtexasLLC.com and Hua Law Group for their services. With their help, I was able to better understand my own business and structure my LLC to my needs. It’s not every day you start your own business, but what better way than to start it the right way all the time.”

~ NAM Noodles, LLC


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